Need Help Selecting Components (AMD X2 System)

Hello all, new member here! I'm shopping and selecting components for a new system and I have about $2500-$2000 to spend after taxes and shipping. I am not reusing anything from my current system. I am somewhat interested in overclocking, but prefer stability over sheer speed. Overall, I'm looking for a computer that will last me a long time (I tend to burn it to the ground when it comes to computers - still using my trusty P3-866 from 2000).

I'm wondering if anyone has run across any issues with using the components below.

AMD X2 4400 Toledo


Corsair XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) <-- edited

BFG Tech GeForce 6800GT - 256MB <-- X
Evga GeForce 6800GS - 256MB <-- added

Antec True Power II 430W (need help here)

Hard Drive
Seagate Barracuda 250GB <-- X
Hitachi Deskstar SATA 2 - 160GB <-- added
Hitachi Deskstar SATA 2 - 250GB <-- added

Plextor 16X 2MB Cache IDE DVD

Antec P180 (need help here)

Dell 2005 20" LCD

I'm having a tough time sorting out what memory, power supply, and case that will work. I'm torn between Corsair and OCZ. I don't want to go with the ValueSelect memory - leaning towards the chips which have their heat stripes for better cooling. As for the PS, after using the online calculator, I'm coming up with a 430W PS. Does this sound about right with my setup? Also, will there be any issues using the PS with the Antec P180 and with the Asus board?

I'm sorry if this is such a loaded post (for being my first). However, I know that there are lots of you guys out there who might be able to just say "ah, that works!" or "no, you'll have problems!" at first glance - where someone like me might have loads of trouble doing so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


EDITED - component list
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  1. Not the 6800GT, get the GS, its n ewer, uses less electricity, costs $60 less ($195) and has the same frame rates...

    The Opteron 170 or 175 is a better overclocker and can be had cheaper, especially if ya go all the way back down to a 165 opteron...

    Any samsung TCCD based memory is fine, patriot has some nice stuff. On Newegg the 2GB kit (1 x 2) is good for the money.

    DONT spend $2000, thats WAY overkill.

    The 170 opteron will hit 2.7ghz easy. If yaw anna watter cool maybe a bit higher. If ya dont move it much then water is a good idea...maybe

    The PSU is good but maybe a bit stronger so if you ad alot of hard drives or do SLI. Honestly,it'll be fine if ya dont SLI. The GS video card uses less electricity than the 6800GT so tht helps.

    The DFI "Expert" is about $200 but overclocks higher and easier than anything and has every feature but a kitchen sink...
  2. If you are going for the P180 you'd need a selective range of PSU's.. Atleast not one with a huge fan on top/bottom of the PSU.. since that mostly gets blocked (PSU of P180 is in a seperate chamber at the bottom of the case, the huge fan will barely get any flow going since it would get blocked by the "ceiling" of that chamber..)

    You'd need the old fashion build PSU's like Antec Neo HE line-up ( )

    Or any other brand that has the same build.
  3. hideout, thanks for the tip on the gs. just like many others, i'm not trying to build a gaming rig. though i'd like to have some graphics capability (hence no sli).

    sunny, as for the p180, i'm leaning towards that type of case due to its size. it seems to have a generous amount of room (nice when it's time to upgrade). maybe my next question would be, how much of a difference will the "true power 2.0" spec of the PSI i list in my components make over something like the NEO HE PSU's. It just seems to be the most "current" spec of PSU's. In that case, ought i go with another case if it makes more sense?

    i've updated my HD's to go with the HITACHI deskstars (sata 2 spec). any comments on these drives?
  4. To be honest with ya dude, I would go with a good old NEC dvd rw cause they cost 40 bucks and they never burn coasters. The speed is the same too. I cant figure out why people are buying expensive plextors. Maybe someone here can tell me something I dont know. I like the system for the most part but can see that you arent too much of a gamer. The card choice says it all. I would just spend the extra hundred on the 7800gt as it is a much nicer card and x the plextor and get a nec. Just my preference.
  5. Truepower fan at top/bottom

    NeoHE - fan at front/back

    I made a quick paint file of how the air flow in the PSU chamber goes abit.. The lines represent the airflow with each PSU..

    Look at the link below..

    Wanted to do tags, but I'm below 100posts... so guess you just gotta check the links..

    As for the specs, I ain't a real pro about MTBF and rails and stuff, haven't bothered to look into that way too much.. but should'n't be too bigga difference..

  6. What do you generally use your PC for? Do you multi-task with CPU hungry programs? With your budget you could actually build a a dual processor system with two Opteron 244's (socket 940...dual core Opteron's will go down in price and then you would have quad cores!). The only downside is the price of ECC RAM. Then again, looking at the Sunday ads, Circut City has a complete system w/3500+, 200GB SATA, 1GB RAM, DVD/RW, monitor, printer, etc for $500 after rebates. Downsides are pre-loaded software, lack of upgrade slots, and no OClocking. But if your upgrading from a PIII/866mhz...that would be a huge upgrade for only $500.
  7. gahleon, thanks for the advice. i guess i'm going with plextor since i've had experience with them. but you're right, they are on the pricier side. i'm gonna check out the specs/prices on the nec equivalents. :)

    sunny, thanks for the illustration. :) i see your point in terms of the airflow. do you suggest i go with a truepower PSU and get a case that works with it? or will i be fine using the NeoHE PSU with the P180. bottomline: is the truepower PSU worth it enough to go with another case type?

    noya, thanks for the post. i use the pc for AutoCAD, Photoshop, and other semi-cpu-intensive programs. i'm not too fond of overclocking (though i know that the ASUS does give me some room for it) so i'm leaning toward a "standard" board/cpu setup. *i must look at the circuit city deal you speak of though.*

  8. Quote:
    sunny, thanks for the illustration. :) i see your point in terms of the airflow. do you suggest i go with a truepower PSU and get a case that works with it? or will i be fine using the NeoHE PSU with the P180. bottomline: is the truepower PSU worth it enough to go with another case type?

    Well, the P180 is 1 heck of a silent case, same goes for the Antec NeoHE (18 dB something) and cools nicely since the PSU is in a seperate chamber. IMO it would be worth it.
  9. no problem at all kepani
  10. just to put a close to this thread...

    well, all my trials and tribulations have been worth it. the computer is up and running and all systems are GO! the computer is blazing fast and i hope not to have to upgrade for some time.

    i had a problem with the asus motherboard. i got an rma number and sent it back. in about 2 weeks, i got a fresh board and now all systems work good. aside from the waiting part, i'm happy with the system.

    this was my FIRST system build. now that i've done it from scratch i guess it's not too bad...but while doing it, i was cussing night and day.

    oh well...thanks for your help everyone! :)

    kepani-who's now beginning the "tuning". ;)
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