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im looking to get the windows 7 family pack but i says its a upgrade version for vista and xp users but im getting a new hardrive and doing a install on that. so can i still use it?

also i going to do the install to my new hard drive but when my computer boots with a blank hard drive what will happen and how will i install windows 7.
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  1. any 1 ?
  2. I have 2 copies of Win 7 Home Premium Family pack. 6 licenses total. Here is what you do... install win xp or vista on the new hdd first and then when you install win 7 delete the partition win xp/vista was on... if you have a hdd w/ another OS on it copy that image to your new HDD and install Win 7 on top of that remember to delete the original partition on the new hdd to wipe it all clean. The install disk is just looking for evidence of a previous install. once it sees it you can safely wipe that install off the HDD.
  3. ^+1 nice description.
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