Dual Tualatin's on ABit BP6?

Iv got a matching set of Celeron 1200 Tualatin's and im wondering if i can mod my old ABit BH6 to do it - has it been done sucesfully? Iv seen some really crappy pages on how to do it but i dont trust em, any good/easy guides on the net on how to do it?
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  1. No, it can't be done. First problem is, the only Celerons that supported dual processing were the early cores, everything from Coppermine to Tualatin had SMP compatibility disabled.
  2. bummer, thanx anyhow.
  3. Thats too bad. Ive a set of PIII's running in an Abit VP6...lots of fun.
  4. actually whats the fastest cpus i can use for that board in a dual setup? dual 533's? or dual 566a's? or could i mod the board for 2xcoppermine P3's?

    BTW i have a celeron 566 that posts in non-coppermine boards - whats so special bout that cpu?
  5. Dual Celeron 566 Mendicinos. You can mod the board to support dual PIII Coppermines. Further mods might be possible for dual Tualatins, but that would require a tremendous amount of work, and rely on getting the board to 133MHz bus speed stabley.
  6. Mendocino's come as fast as 566? I thought 533 was the Max.
  7. There was ONE speed that was available both as Mendicino and Coppermine. I believe it was 566.
  8. By mod ... do you mean covering pin B21 or something like that if on slot type cpus?
  9. Thats for Slot1 cpus only, the ABit BP6 is a dual socket370 board designed for dual celerons, by mod i mean insulate a few pins and connect a few others, im after a decent guide to do it but it sounds a bit tough to do.
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