Why can you have multiple screens but only one arrow pointer

Can anyone shed some light on why in this day in age we need to have more than one computer to have two people run more than one program? It would be nice to have a wall jack the had your mouse, keyboard, monitor, usb, firewire, and anything else you would like. :lol: All connected to one computer that can support more than one person. Let me know if this is possible.
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  1. 1. Why post it here in the section that says "Structure"? It belongs in one of the hardware sections, or maybe the Products section.

    2. Because the whole PC is so cheap it doesn't matter except to those who can't afford it... (sure seems that way though - wierd...)

    3. There is no 3. :wink:

    4. Because big corporations don't want that to be sold in developed areas - they can make more money by forcing people to buy the whole thing.

    5. Because software companies don't want that to happen either. That way they can get you for multiple copies of the same program.

    6. You used to be able to - and you probably still can - its just a very low demand idem because the rest of the hardware is so cheap.

    7. This was Google's first result on a search for Multi User PC .

    8. Find old used PC's cheap then use Terminal Services or Citrix to connect to the main PC. Similar effect, but there's still a PC (which can be very cheap and old) in front of each person.

    9. Run Linux. I understand (and will probably learn shortly) it is supposed to be able to do that.

    10. I guess there's no number 10 either. :mrgreen:

    Hope it helps.


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