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Hi there,i'm newbie in this forum,but i registered cause i need some help - and i think here is good place to find it.
The problem is:
I have a power suply and i want to power it on,without connecting it to my motherboard or any computer part.

P.S. thanks
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  1. With an ATX power supply you cannot easily turn on the P/S without an attached MB and the power button sub-board. ATX power supplies are always 'on', in that they send low current 5V to the MB at all times unless unplugged from the wall. The MB has a controller that sends power up and power down signals to the P/S when you push the button.

    If you want a cheap 12/5/3V power source for hobbyist purposes dig around for an old AT power supply. It would have to be pre-Pentium 2 or about 1997, many early pentium models used AT P/S's, all the way back to PC AT's in 1984.
  2. Simple.

    See the green wire on the big 20pin mobo connector? Use a paperclip and short it to any black wire.

    Its best to have some sort of load on the PSU (even a hard drive or xtra fan) though its not supposed to blow even if there's no load. I'm probably just paranoid however.

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