Need help setting up SATA RAID 1 on A8N5X

I need a bit of help setting up a RAID 1 array on a new A8N5X motherboard. I'm most of the way through the process and think that the problem may be fairly simple. This is the first time that I've set up a RAID array so you can assume I'm making the mistakes of a rank amateur.

Hard drives and configuration

--WD 60 GB PATA (not part of the RAID, used for booting to Windows XP Professional)
--Two WD 320 GB SATA drives for the array. They are OEM and have not yet been formatted.

What I've already done.

--Set up the BIOS for a RAID 1 array using the two 320 GB SATA drives
--Set up the RAID in the NVIDIA RAID utility (accessed by pressing F10 at the appropriate time during boot
--Installed the RAID drivers for XP from a floppy during installation of the OS (Pressed F6 when prompted to by the installation procedure and followed the on screen instructions)
--Successfully installed XP on the 60 GB PATA drive
--During boot to XP the POST shows the RAID is there and indicates that it is "healthy"

The problem is that when I get into XP and look for the RAID it doesn't show up as an available disk. I can only see my C: drive, the 60 GB PATA.

I think the problem may be that during my installation of Windows XP the two 320 GB SATA drives were not formatted. Normally, when I load XP onto a system and I have unformatted drives, I am prompted to format them. During this installation, I was only prompted to format the 60 GB PATA drive.

If the problem is that my SATA drives are not formatted, how can I format them at this point (since I can't even see them when I'm in XP)?

If that is not the problem, what did I do wrong during the installation of the RAID or what do I still need to do?
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  1. If you right click on "my computer" then manage, then disk management, do you see the array there unpartitionned and unformatted?
  2. It indicates that the drive is "Unallocated."
  3. Then right click on the array,and allocate it
  4. I'll give it a try. I didn't realize that I would need to go into "Manage" to complete the set up process. I'll let you know how this goes.

  5. It worked. The RAID array is now formatted and visible. Sorry for having such a simple question, but I expected the drive to show up when I opened My Computer and to then be able to format it from there.
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