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im looking to get the windows 7 family pack but i says its a upgrade version for vista and xp users but im getting a new hardrive and doing a install on that. so can i still use it?

also i going to do the install to my new hard drive but when my computer boots with a blank hard drive what will happen and how will i install windows 7.
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  1. "Moving to Windows 7 Home Premium from Windows Vista Home Basic or Home Premium qualifies as an upgrade. All other paths, including a move from a 64-bit edition of Windows Vista to a 32-bit edition of Windows 7, require a more detailed re-installation process."

    This was taken from: under the "Before you buy" section.

    The last sentence subtly answers your question, but if you want it to be clear, yes you can use this to do a clean install. Note that although there are several different versions of Windows 7, including "upgrade" versions only; however, this is not one of them. The Windows products with "Upgrade" in the name are upgrade versions only.
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