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I'm looking for a new joystick to use in Pacific Fighters. I'm mainly a bomber pilot and need somthing with lots of trims on it. I've looked at the Saitek X52 and it looks good but its got things I won't use in a WWII sim. Is it worth the cash :?:

Any suggestions in this area would be most helpful! :?

CPUZ :twisted:
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  1. If you need lots of trims and good quality go for the X52. I have got that one and it's just lovely. No force feedback however. But in my experience all the force feedbacks I had so far turned out get more and more wobbly after just a short period of usage. I would say yes it's defenitely worth the money.
  2. To be more precise. I had 4 logitechs, a microsoft crap-stick, and some no name bullshit.

    Get the X52. Really.
  3. Force feed joysticks don't work very well with Pacific Fighters, so no worries there. You're sure there is nothing better than the X52 :?:

    The problem is the price because the cheapest I can get it for in South Africa is R1500 about $230. I could import it from the USA but what about the warranty on the stick, will it be void and how would I use it if I had to :?: :?:
  4. I am usins saitek products by a few yers. The first one was the X-45: it fell litterally apart in little more than one year. Very poor construction. Then I bought an X-52: I can only appreciate the movies you can find in you tube where some fliers are smashing the set with heavy hammers. It gives a lot of problems, from blu screens to freezing the game or crashing the PC. Each time you have to rest because it totally freezes the machine. Looks like the problems are caming from the dtick whose potentiometers are of very poor quality. I cannot say anything on the new X-53 Pro. But of course twice I have been cheated and ....no more! I hope to have been of help.
  5. Ilario1938 said:
    I hope to have been of help.

    The thread had been dead for 3.5 years :ouch:
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