7200, 7600, and 7800GS

Are these coming out? And if so, how soon?

I've heard that they'll be out in February, and that all 3 will also be in AGP. I haven't seen any long articles about these on reliable sites (like TH), so I'm still skeptical.
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  1. [edit: i am an idiot and thought he said 6800GS]

    I have also heard rumors of a 7300 on the Inquirer which I have posted on the forum. But it doesn't look all that fantastic at 4 pipelines, basically an overclocked 6200.
    A cheap 8-pipeline 6600 - which is available in AGP today - would probably be better.
  2. you're thinking of the 6800gs. the 7800gs along with the 7600 and 7200 are all cards that people have found referred to within the nvidia driver, so they may or may not actually be coming out in the future.
  3. GF7800GS won't be coming out according to nV (it was an engineering sample for testing) which was leaked by Anand;
    Som people thinks this means it will come out for AGP, but that's a stretch.

    GF7200 in Fabruary and GF7600 in March according to Anand
    PS, I hate Anandtech.

    And the GF7300 like Cleeve said;

    So I assume that's gonna be out around the same time frame as the two others above.
  4. Thank you for the replies. I will probably not be able to afford these when they launch, but hopefully they will push down the 6800GS/GT prices into a suitable range for me
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