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Hey guys. I'm getting ready to put an ASUS A8N-SLI MB with a Athlon X2 4400 and GeForce 7800 PCI-E video card in my comp. I like Antec Power Supplies and I want at least 550watts but which model is good and quiet? I know Enermax makes good Power Supplies too.
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  1. What you need to look for is a PSU with I think..28A? on the 12v rail (sometimes there's two 12v's, you should be able to just add them and that should be 28 or greater). Antec sells a "Phantom" model that is supposed to be really quiet, although I think you can only get them in 500w.
  2. im currently building an sli system and the poweruspply i got was the
    Sliver Stone st60f 600watt SLI certified its very quite and run all my pc compoents great no prob at all but it does cost a bit $169:( but im my opinion it was very worth it

    heres a link from newegg.com
  3. No direct experience with that model Seasonic, but we've done very well with other Seasonic power supplies. Would recommend them.
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