help me pls to set up my sound card

Hi To Everyone.

i just made a new pc, its 3000 amd proccessor, 512 memory, and the motherboad is winfast 760 gxk8mc, and maxtor h/d 250gb.

i install everything and it works fine the pc, i also want to put a sound card which is aoureon 5.1 fun. i have find a problem to set up this sound card, the drive is there i go to device Manager sound,video and game controller and i can see that the TerrTec aureon 5.1 fun drive it's there. and No sound is coming out??? any idea what did i do wrong, its a PCI slot card, and i have install the drive, do u think i have problem with the sound card?? coz when i plug the 5.1 speakers to motherboard work fine, when i change to sound card no thing play??? can any one please help me??? plsese coz i got mad for 3 day???

thanks a lot for ur help
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  1. Check Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices

    Make sure that your sound card is set as the primary audio device(you can check that on the volume or audio tab).
  2. thanks fpr ur help, i did check that on contorol panel, and its as primarry default device the sound card, any other idea???

    thanks guys
  3. Well, since that didn't work, here are some more ideas.

    1) Did you install the drivers for your sound card? May sound like a stupid question, but just because Windows recognizes and installs the sound card itself, doesn't mean it is using the right drivers.

    2) If that doesn't work(or the drivers are installed), check the volume settings. All it takes is for one of those settings to be set to Mute. Thoroughly dig through those controls.

    3) If all else fails, just get a new sound card. You can get a decent one for $40. I highly recommend Creative's Sound Blaster Live 24-bit. It has good sound for the price.

    This is a very strange problem. I don't usually recommend just getting a new part unless it is the last resort, but I can't put my finger on the problem for you. Sorry if my solutions aren't helping, but I tried.
  4. Uninstall the new sound card software power down and remove it from the machine. Boot up and disable the onboard sound (you may have to remove the drivers), reboot. Then install the software for the new sound card shut down the computer and reinstall the card. That should do it.
  5. thanks for ur help, i did not disable the onboard sound, so now it works fine, thanks guys for ur help are veryhelpful.

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