eVGA 7800 GT -- Computer Shuts down during game play

MSI K8N SLI-F Socket 939 Motherboard 1GHz FSB
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Corsair 1GB (two 512) pc3200 DDR 400
Western Digital 250GB SATA 3.0 MB/s
eVGA GeForce 7800GT 256MB SLIe
Coolmax "SLI" CXI-500B ATX v2.01 500W Power Supply

Great Performance, However, Computer just Shuts Down during Gameplay:
FEAR: Half way thru intro of new game
Quake3: 6-15 minutes of game play.
Quake4: same as quake3

Temps are: CPU 39c , Video 41c

Volt Meter reads ok, however, software in Windows reads 2.5V on +12V rail! What's up with that? :?:

What Power Supply should we use especially when we get an additional 7800GT?

Not sure if the power supply is bad or not. Any suggestions?

Quake 3: 200FPS Max Settings
Quake 4: AVG 60FPS Max Settings
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  1. Not too familiar with the Athlon 64 Boards yet. I'm still babying my Athlon 3200XP.....lol. It sounds like either your PSU might be bad or something with the motherboard or vid card. Try swapping parts out to another pc and see if that fixes things.
  2. bump because I'm curious. Also, what is that "SLIe" in the name?
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