Odd OC quirk?

well got my opty 170 stable at 2.5 (250x10, 3x HT) by busting the Vcore to 1.425, and I noticed an odd quirk in my voltage monitoring. it seems that under load my VCore drops to 1.36-1.375 (shows in CPU-z and Asus Probe). PSU is a Antec Neopower 480W, rest is in sig. not a biig problem since it appears Prime95 stable, but odd nonetheless. should I be worried, or have others noticed this?
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  1. doh, sig may help. :P
  2. Since Vcore is generated by an onboard DC-DC converter, it would have to be where the problem is. It is likely that you have exceeded the output capability of the Vcore. Chances are another identical motherboard would behave the same way. If it isn't causing instability though then maybe it doesn't matter.....
  3. no frills non deluxe no nadda, just the ASUS A8N SLI.
    just completed 13.5hrs of Dual Prime, no problems. been lookins at possibly going with a DFI LanParty board, or the ASUS A8N with the 8phase power, but so far this one has proven it works. might be able to squeeze more with a better board thou. :)
  4. Could also be a simple sensor error.

    @ OP: Try updating your BIOS.
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