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I have an Asus p5p800 mobo with a p4 3ghz processor and recently installed speedfan 4.25 to monitor temps. All seems normal except the cpu temp which consistently reads 60-64 degrees celsius. I looked inside the case, a little dust (clean now) but nothing out of the ordinary. Fan speeds appear to be normal. What is going on? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks :P
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  1. Mine seems to be "hovering" at 59 to 60 degrees C .. and I'll see peaks at 64.5 C. This doesn't seem to be a problem!

    By the way.. when I first installed my P5P800.. I would get a temp warning .. this got fixed by a BIOS update.. There have been a few updates (for new cpus, mostly) .. the temp error got fixed.. starting with 1011 (I have two P5P800 mobos . same BIOS update was needed for both.)
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