NOOB: First build, Tsunami Ear & Mic Connection?

Stumbling through my first build and upon trying to wire my A8N-SLI Premium mobo I came upon the "Ear & Mic" cables from my Thermaltake Tsunami's case-top. In the TT manual, it specifies in the cable arrangement guide that the case's Return R and Return L are to be connected to the MB's LINE_IN R and LINE_IN L pins. It even uses an ASUS mobo as it's example. The problem is the pins don't exist. Instead, the pins are labeled as follows:

Line out_L
Line out_R
NC... left unused
+5VA... left unused
MICPWR... connected to MIC VCC case wire
AGND... connected to Ground case wire
MIC2... connected to MIC IN case wire

Which of the above are the proper line in (return) and line out (ear) connections. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Your in luck I have the same case and mobo. I was scratching my head and reading that one a few times as well. I decided to wing it and this is what I came up with. Speaker output works but. Don't know about the mic yet as I have not tested it. But if it is wrong you only need to switch the two mic wires.

    from the asus manual----> case pin
    bline_out_L ----> Return L (yellow wire)
    Line out_L ----> EAR L (green wire)
    no pin
    NC ---> open
    Bline_out_R ---->Return R (white Wire)
    Line out_R ----> EAR R (red wire)
    +5VA ---> open (nothing)
    micpwr ---> mic vcc (white wire)
    AGND ----> Ground (black wire)
    mic2 -----> mic in (red wire)

    good luck they are a pain in the @** to get in. I used tweezers.

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