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so I have an 80gig segate drive that I use in my cpu. I recently ordered a raptor 74gig hdd that I want to use as my master inplace of the seagate.

now, I was wondering if there is an easy way to just clone the hdd and use it as the boot, and then just whipe the 80 gig......Instead of having to reinstall everything on the new raptor.

I have ghost that I can use to clone the hdd, but I heard that ghost can only replicate 2 drives that are of the same capacity and the same rpm.

I also have partition magic 8.0.

and of course the standard xp64 windows backup/copy hdd.

Im just wondering if any of these will COMPLETLY clone the hdd so i can just throw the new raptor in and be on my way to faster load times and such.

I thought I would ask for help 1st before I go and try, so I dont spend a couple of hours having to format/reinstall everything.

of course here are the system specs just incase ya need them.

an8 ultra
3500+ venice
80gig segate hdd
600 ps (cant remember name, but its not generic)
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  1. Ghost doesn't care, as long as there is space on the new drive to copy the contents of the old one. Make sure that you are cloning the old drive to the new one and not the other direction or you will have a two blank hard drives when you are done. ( a friend of mine did this at work once. The PC user was not happy. lol)

    Good luck,
  2. so i went ahead and cloned the drive.

    when i boot into windows i get an error about i belive service32 error, not system....i dunno, it resets my theme for some reason, but beyond that I dont see it doing anything harmful.

    and my coutner strike doesnt work, im in the process of redownloading to see if that cures it, I havnt tested any of my other games....but everyone looks alrigh tso far, i've kept the other drive off the system incase this image goes fubar...

    any ideas why some of this stuff isnt functional?
  3. Ghost just makes an exact copy, so there shouldn't be any issues. Did you go from a regular IDE to a SATA?
  4. yes, it was from an ide to sata raptor.

    I cloned the 2 drives, FROM IDE to sata

    then i went into the bios and changed the boot priority from the ide drive to the sata, so the comp would boot to the sata drive.

    but I still get these errors...

    I have also discovred that I have NO sound, it says I have no sound mixers installed, yet i can look under device manager and I see all the drivers/hardware is there and functional.
  5. That is really strange. I would try to uninstall the drivers in the Device Manager that aren't working and reinstall them. I am not sure why switching hard drive types would mess that up, but I have seen stranger. A bad sound driver may be what is causing your games to hang as well.

    You might want to verify that windows is seeing the SATA driver and make sure the chipset driver is up to date as well.

    Can you post the exact service 32 error as well? It may all be tied together.
  6. well, I took the comp apart to install my xp-120 today..

    I went to reformat, I booted JUST the sata drive (the ide wasnt connected) and it hung at the windows login screen, with no login..

    so I reconnect the ide drive, and it boots into windows...I dont get the windows error anymore, and my sound doesnt work, untill the abit sound manager loads, and now sound works, but I turn that off and it quits on me again...

    I dont know whats going on, everything seems to be working alright for now....

    meh, I still might reformat it to save future hassles on this thing...

    I also cannot delete the windows or mydocuments folders on the slave(ide) drive.... maybe somehow windows is using both the drives for some god aful reason?

    I have no idea....

    I think I may ditch xp64 and just go back to reg xp, I think this may be some of my problem also...

    and I hadnt installed any sata drives, but the drive is working... seeing as how im posting this...

    I looked for some raptor specific drivers, but couldnt locate any....
  7. The drivers wouldnt be for the drive itself but for the SATA controller. I have had instances where it wants to have a driver for the controller. As for the 64 bit, I haven't had good luck with that OS.
  8. I would assume I would have to reinstall the chipset drivers then im guessing ...hm, for now I think I will see how things go, I spend the night redownloading CSS and whatnot, if that doesnt work still, I will reformat.
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