Newbie seeking goodcase and power supply, need alot of help

Yea first time building a comp, and well friends are argueing about whats best for me to get concerning power supply... and well i just can't choose a case...

I was looking a the Thermaltake Tsunami case, and it seems nice, i just need to know where the USB ports are, and if that is a door on the front that opens to reveal the CD/DVD bays... probably a stupid question but yea... ><. Any other case suggestions would be very helpful too...

As far as power supply goes, i have an ASUS SE deluxe mobo, with a AMD 3700+ clawhammer, and i'm probably gonna go with 2 gigs of corsair ram and a Geforce 6800 video card, or something of the like... I'm being told i should get 600Watts... and i know nothing. Any estimates are much appriciated...

If you think i'm doing something horribly wrong also please input... and my AIM is also Fridayunited if you want to contact me directly.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Try this link it should help you.
  2. My CPU isn't there...o_o AMD Athlon 64 3700+ Clawhammer...

    is it old or something ><
  3. Why dont you pick something equivalant like the 4000+ clawhammer?
    Its almost the same as the 4000. Or split the different between the 4000 and the 3500.
  4. Thermaltake makes a good case but if you want quality go with Lian Li
    or coolermaster oh and Gigabite makes a very good case. But all in all just make sure you get something that will " futrue" proof and fits your needs

    Has far as PSU's.. OCZ, Pc power and cooling are the best in my opinion
    other good PSU's are seasonic, antec, Fortron source.
    Make sure that you get your PSU with a active PFC ( it cleans the nosie out of the power) which helps system stablility. would also recommend a batt back up. again get something like what I have ( UPS back-ups XS 800) to future proof it.

    do some research check look at the reviews there ( just be for warned most are hype and some offer good opinions) too really get the down-low GOOGLE it and search for a indepth review.

    good luck bro 8)
  5. It depends; what are you looking for--are you going to be more of a performance oriented person with no regard to noise, or are you a silent seeker? Because I see a few ways of going with this.

    For case, despite the possible difficulty in wiring, I recommend P180 by Antec; it has super airflow and a ton of room to work in. On a more budget side, I like Antec SLK3000B that I am using. Full metal construction, also ton of workroom, and a good amount of slots for expandability. I just hope you don't have grudges against doors. And I think Thermaltake Tsunami is a cosmetically upgraded version of SLK3000 series... but I'm not too sure on it.

    Lian-Li is supposed to be good, as is Silverstone; however, Silverstone is mainly oriented for HTPC market I think.

    As for PSU, I honestly cannot say much about performance side. I suggest you go with Jokersgrin's advice if going for heavily performance oriented side; after all, more airflow is usually always better (but I don't think it will matter much if you are getting a P180). If going for silent front, though, go for Seasonic S12 series. Antec is also decent. I cannot say anything for Fortron Source as I have never used it before.
  6. Fortron Source makes good power supplies. Have used lots of them over the years with excellent results. Priced reasonably as well.
  7. How loud are the power supplies >< i'm guessing its just the fans that are loud *is really new at this* but whats a really silent good PS that you guys would recommend? i need around 500W

    And as far as fans go, what would you recommend for silent fans for 80mm and 120mm?
  8. Quote:
    Try this link it should help you.

    That sucks!!! this doesn't have opty's 1xx :twisted:
  9. well lets here what your specs are?
  10. Well i don't have most of the parts on hand, but i do know what i want to get

    i have a AMD64 3700+ Clawhammer CPU and ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Motherboard

    Video card i'm still wavering between a Geforce 6800GT and a X850

    Ram i'm not sure if i should get 2 gigs of corsair or use the 512 ultra i have and get 2.5 gigs of ultra ram

    theres gonna be 3 80mm fans, maybe a blue cold cathode or two, and some more random fans/heatsinks

    i don't really have a specific list of parts o_o
  11. I have an Antec PSU and I can't hear it at all over my case fans and my CPU fan (Zalman) which is quiet to begin with.

    For your set up 500W would do nicely, you don't seem to be drawing to much power with that stuff.

    As for fans 120MM are better they don't produce that much noise especially when compared to 80MM. I have 2 120MM fans and an 80MM fan, I can't tell the difference between the two.

    If I were you, noise wouldn't be a major priority right now. Most of the things now aren't loud since they are being made to be as silent as possible.

    Hope that helps.
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