Is this a good DVD Burner?

I'm about to buy the BenQ DW1655 with Lightscribe and I'm wondering if it is a good DVD Burner. Anyone has heard bad things about it or had any problems with it?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hey

    I haven't heard anything sepcific about that one but Benq have a good rep in dvd writers.

    But most importantly what do u need it to do? Like burning mass 8GB movies to dual layer disks or just backing up small files?

  2. actually mine came in the mail yesterday! Works perfectly well -- I've burned a load of CDs already haven't burn DVD yet but seems to be perfect. BTW, i got mine from zipzoomfly with free 2 day shipping. Newegg has a mail in rebate -- which suck; so I got it from zipzoomfly. Get the retail version since it comes with free Nero and is like $4 more.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yeah, I wanted a burner that could burn double layer, regular - and + DVDs plus CDs, especially audio ones. I also wanted a drive that was silent and fast when reading a disc, kind of long burning time was no problem.

    Well I actually went ahead and bought the DW1655, so far it's been working great. It is very silent and it burns quickly. I did get the retail version, Nero 6.x seems very complete. I need to look more into it and read the manual, same thing for the lightscribe feature. Overall and so far I'm happy with it.
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