G550 vs Quadro or FireGL

I currently have a Matrox G550 Low Profile PCI with 32ddr and i was wondering if a ATI FireGL 8800 64ram/128bits or a nVIDIA Quadro 4 700XGL 64ram/128bits would be a better choice.

My primary interest is in Autodesk Inventor and other Autodesk stuff.

Two months ago i had a Inno3D Geforce4 Mx440 128ddr/128bits and i was amased when i replace it with the G550. The lines where display much better and softer. Gererally speaking the geforce4mx lacks of 2d quality a lot.

Now i think i need a little bit more speed (and ram amount i think ) cause when i try to work with greater assemblies (in Inventor 8/9/10) the computer is likely to freeze. And it`s not the system ram causing this. The geforce was very poor at quality but the 270mhz gpu and 128 ddr memory did the work.

I wonder if a FireGL 8800 or a Quadro4 700XGL would help me, even with a 10-15 percent 2D quality loss (refering to G550).

I read about the P650 and P750 and understood there is no great performance gain comparing to my G550.
That`s why i was thinking about ati and nvidia proffesional cards.

Now i would like to hear your opinion.


(sorry for my english)
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  1. please continue your ideea, prozac26
  2. the G550`S drivers and the opengl performance will surely disappoint you ?MAN! :lol:
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