Asus A8N-VM CSM + SFF case, limits?

I am relatively new at OC'ing. I currently have an old P4 Northwood 1.8 that I have OC'd 20% on stock cooling. It is stable and doing well after a week. Anyway, for my next box, I am wanting to start out with something portable in a SFF case. Later this year I would like to upgrade the processor (to opteron 170 probably) and add a good video card to resume gaming (when Vanguard comes out).

This is the setup I have been considering:

Aspire X-Qpack Case with 420w ps + 1 extra 120mm fan.

Asus A8N-VM CSM mb using the built in GeForce chipset for a few months (no gaming, I know there really is no power for gaming in there)

Opteron 146 processor

Hitach Deskstar 7k80 or similar harddrive in the $50-$70 range. Price is an issue here, at least for now. If the finances are right, I will move up to a raptor in the fall when I do the other upgrades.

1gb Kingston value ram DDR400 (I already have this in hand) I'll upgrade this to 2gb, or rather replace with 2gb of better ram in the fall.

The real question is: will the choice of MB and case limit my OC'ing possibilities? Understanding that I am making a small investment now $400-$500 for a portable machine with which I can at least surf the web and run office apps until I am ready to upgrade later this year with minimal replacement of components, is this a reasonable selection of kit?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. "The real question is: will the choice of MB and case limit my OC'ing possibilities? "

    Ocing to what end/for what purpose?

    If a system is equiped with ample RAM, fast drives, an extra 2-300 MHz is not going to be noticeable for websurfing, E-Mail anyway, where your iternet connection is *always* the bottleneck...

    If your goal is simply OCing for OCing sake, to achieve more mythical value, then get a good heatsink/fan, and ensure your case has ample intake/exhaust flow...

    (What chipset is the mainboard? If it's NF4 based, but with integrated video, i'd be careful of cranking up the FSB too high, as your integrated video may be the first thing you'd lose...)
  2. Well, the OC'ing wouldn't come into play until later in the year when I drop in an Opteron and a decent video card to play games again. Although, there is definitely a "just for the sake of it" component to my desire to OC it as well. I just wanted to know if anyone had experienced cooling/airflow problems or significant limits with that sort of SFF case.
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