Conspiricy theories anyone?

I was watching Tom's new video about the cooking oil cooled computer and a few abnormalities came to my attention.

Firstly while they are filling up the computer with cooking oil the computer is they are using an FX55 CPU (while not the hottest running CPU on the market, its not exactly an ice cube). This CPU is passivly cooled and they are relying on the oil to cool it, yet while they are filling it up and running 3D mark they CPU heatsink does not come into contact with the oil. They actually start running 3D mark before the oil is touching the graphics card aswell.

Secondly, 3D mark seems to be running remarkably well for a Geforce GT, I have no persoannal experience with this card but I know my old Geforce6800 or my 800XL dont run it that well and the GT isnt that much faster.

Thirdly where the hell is the monitor cable going, it goes off screen to the left and the monitor is to the right. I thought monitor cables were quite limited in how long they could be? This one seems to be long enough to go round the camera man and come back again.

There are probably good explinations for all these things and Im just being crap. But hey thought Id point them out anyway.
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  1. I have to admit I didnt watch the movie till this post.
    Also do you notice in the video there is no processor in the video with the acrylic case?

    And why are the motherboard lights flashing??
  2. Quote:
    And why are the motherboard lights flashing??

    Do you know how an LED works? LOL. They're sealed... that's why they're flashing.

  3. I saw that but i could have sworn it was real. What was wrong with it?
    It did look rather german, all that rave music etc.

    Does your sig intentionally mean that:

    AMD+ASUS=PRESSCOT=FAILURE Cause with my motherboard i can believe that.
  4. I happen to own one of those :(

    You gonna hold 100mhz against them? Don't worry i would too, rally the masses! We'll have their heads by morning.
  5. Quote:
    And why are the motherboard lights flashing??

    Do you know how an LED works? LOL. They're sealed... that's why they're flashing.


    Yes thanks but why are they flashing? My motherboard doesnt flash unless something is wrong :D
  6. Oh my bad. I thought u were asking why they were on.

    My old P4 mobo flashed because i had an integrated NIC (i.e., link activity light). Maybe this is why?

  7. I dunno just looked weird.
  8. Quote:
    So guys, is it a conspiricy or not?
    I reckon it is with all the evidence gather.

    We need a poll on this.

    Good! I volunteer you to make one :mrgreen:
  9. I'm almost tempted to make a run to the local store, pick up some Oil.
    Then bust out one of my k62's...seal the case and see what happens.
    My question, where would the heat dissipate? Oil happens to be a great insulator....
  10. I would imagine that if you didn't have a thermal exchange somewhere (such as a radiator) then that a big tub 'o oil would just be akin giant thermal battery. It would just keep storing up heat as you apply it until finally the oil reached the same temperature as the heatsink and then you'd have thermal death. Granted, how much time it takes to reach that point might be beyond typical usage. (But certainly not beyond Folding@home 24/7 usage.)

    Though maybe with enough surface area of exposed oil that could serve as the thermal exchange?
  11. Quote:
    Oil happens to be a great insulator....
    some oils, without carbon can be good electrical insulators, and very good thermal conductors.
    For transformers, the better ones are oil filled. They disspell the heat through the casing. Most of the small poloe mounted transformers are oil filled. The whole unit is usually kept fairly cool.
    As far as the length of the gfx cable, At work, we have cables that are as long as 40 feet (over 10 meters)
  12. I'm not even gonna bother with that little bitch.
    He can take his 14 year old ass somewhere else.

    BTW: He never did come up with a good example on bad advice I've supposably given...

    Wonder where he went? I really didnt want to piss him off...but, I had or have all the components I've ever personally said to own. I guess he couldnt take that..I'm not sure.

    Whatever his cause, he needs to grow up. Another thing, GW. Dont be so rash with your language. Using words like retard, homo, gay...not the best idea, considering you never know when somebody falling under that category hops on and makes you look like a complete idiot.

    Plus its just rude..... my 2 cents.
  13. It's been a few years since GW jumped on me. His attack was in defense of an old time regular. The regular was wrong, and so was GW. Not that that matters. What does matter is that GW usually has a reason for his attacks. Mostly, he defends others. If you did something he considers offensive, you get it.
    Personnally, I told him what I thought, and we have gotten along just fine ever since.
    Make no mistake, you are better off having him on your side, so work out your differences.
  14. Tried. Sent him a PM, very mature, very respectful. He gave me a shotty reason as to why he was posting attacking material and continued to be an ass not only myself, but others as well. No need for my apology, although I did, for whatever reason. The balls in his court. I didnt come to make enemies... But I'm sure as hell not going to be nice until I here some type of compromise at his end. I'm open for anything though.
  15. Dont get me wrong, I'm not trying to piss anybody off.
    But according to him, I didnt (intend to) I simply agreed with somebody he supposably doesnt like, so he branded me the same way.

    I dont care if I should respect the "old timers" or not...judging by that standard is quite wrong.
  16. Sheesh...

    And I though duckandcover had politics.
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