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hey guys, i have a Windows 7 laptop and i wanted to install windows xp on an empty partition, problem is every time i attempt to do that i get an error during installation right after it "collects the files" before even going into partition selection part. in the error it says check your system for viruses or use the CHKDSC thing. I did both and neither had any problems, can anyone help??
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  1. If you are trying to dual boot, the newer OS has to be installed after the older OS. In this case, Win XP would need to be installed before installing Win7.
  2. Which verison of Win 7 are you using & why do you want to go back to Xp?
    Depending on your Window 7 version, you can just use XP Mode for so older programs.
    You can also use "Virtual Box" to install Xp.
  3. Windows XP setup may not contain the necessary mass storage drivers to interact with the hard drive controller of your notebook. Drivers may be available from the hardware manufacturer which can be loaded during the text phase of Windows XP setup using the F6 key. Further information on loading drivers in Windows XP setup is available in this Microsoft Support article:

    It may also be possible to configure the hard drive controller to emulate PATA or IDE modes which are compatible with the Windows XP setup. For further information see the support website of the system’s manufacturer.

    Installing an older operating system, such as Windows XP, over Windows 7 will cause the boot record of Windows 7 to become inactive. Microsoft Support article KB 919529 provides a resolution when the Windows XP boot loader has overwritten the Boot Configuration Database (BCD) of Windows Vista or Windows 7, it is available here:

    You may also wish to look into Windows XP Mode, available for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. Windows XP Mode provides a licensed 32 bit Windows XP Professional SP3 environment within Windows Virtual PC. This 32 bit environment is configured to publish applications to the Windows 7 environment, allowing incompatible applications to run as though natively installed. More information on Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC is available here:

    Windows Outreach Team- IT Pro
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