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ia have amd x2 3800+, msi k8n sli platinum, 1gb ddr400 corsair xms twinxc2pt and i've put it at 2-3-3-5. i've seen at that i should run cl 2.5 on amd platform, is their a problem if i run it at 2? any benefits?
i've made no OC. by spd it runs at 3-3-3-8
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  1. Is it stable? If its totally stable, its fine.

    To ensure stability, Run Prime95's torture test for an hour or so and Memtest86 overnight. If they don't crash, it's stable.

    Not directly applicable, but just FYI about stability - my old Athlon XP runs everything I throw at it at 193fsb except Prime95 - it'd crash after a while. At 191fsb Prime95 was happy, so that's what I run at.

  2. TWINX1024-3200C2PT XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-3-6 2x184 DIMM Platinum
    this is from corsair so problems? if i run 2-3-3-5?
  3. the spd at 200mhz says 3-3-3-8
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