Help: Upgrade a laptop video card?

A guy at work has a Fujitsu N3010 laptop that he wants to get rid of, says it keeps making artifacts on the screen. Could be a driver problem or it could be a bad video card.

its a p4 2.8g
Radeon 9000 Mobility 64mb

So he wants to sell it and I figured I could drop something better in it, what are my options? I did some google searchs and I cant really find any Mobility cards for sale. Newegg has one (only 1) crappy Jetway, mwave had nothing and even ebay doesnt have much to choose from. Most are taken out of Dell Inspirons/XPS's

1. Will a 9700 mobility or 6600 GO pulled out of a Dell fit in this machine?
2. Suggestions on where to buy/find something that does fit?
3. How hard is it to upgrade the video card on a laptop? I have built desktops but never a laptop.

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  1. Newer laptops have a special slot of video cards. I can't remember the name of the slot, but if you crack open the bottom of the laptop you <might> be able to find the video card. If the video card is soldered or built into the motherboard ur pretty much screwed.

    I have a Dell M60 precision w/ this new video card slot. It's fairly simple to take out and replace.

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