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Hi all, I've started to look into getting a new computer, and someone pointed me over to ecollegepc.com, wondering if it was a decent site, the thing I liked about it was they have a custom builder option.

Anyway, I mostly use my computer for encoding movies and watching baseball over the internet.
I was considering going with either the Intel LG775 w/Intel P4 3.4 GHz), or AMD 939 with AMD 64 3500+. Thoughts/opinions?

I guess once I make that decision I need to decide on a motherboard and if I need a video card...

Thanks for the help,
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  1. Opteron 170 or 175
    Asus A8R-MVP
    DFI LANParty UT RDX200 CF-DR
    ATI X1800XT ~ Avivo enabled
  2. Better get an LGA 775 system a larger cache memory will help encode movies faster,hence if your on a tight budget you may want to consider a AMD 754 or 939 or go with a dual core proc.
  3. Get the 3500+. Just install Windows XP 64 bit and enjoy the quick encoding! Thats if you're on a budget...if not get a dual core!
  4. Meh. Dual core still isn't all that it's raved as. I still reccomend most people look at a higher speed single-core proc than a lower speed dual-core for the same price.
  5. This is one where I differ opinions... Dual core is great, but could be better. I do not ever plan on working on a single core again, and would like quad cores to come to power desktops.
    First experience I had personally with a dual processor system was a Pentium 3 dual 550mhz with 2 gig RAM. It rocked and rivaled an XP 1900+ and a P3 1000 (pc's at the time). P4 chipset were not available and Xeons too expensive for performance, so now once again dual cpu's have become reasonably priced for the enthusiast and workstation users...
  6. I've used some dually systems in the past, and even my home system is a P4C with HT, which isn't quite dually, but not quite single in feel either. And there are many times where the overall smoothness of flipping between apps as they run has been really nice. It's great being able to run multiple simul heavy apps.

    But most people don't do that. Most people do only one intensive thing at a time, if that. Which is why I think most people would still benefit more from a higher overall clock than from better multitasking.

    But truly, knowing the exact intended use of the system does help identify such needs much better. :)
  7. get the p4, u can encode movies and watch baseball at the same time with no slowdown! if ur on a budget go with amd 939, save some cash and wont be that much slower, if 5 extra min to encode is worth 200 bux to then go ahead and do it
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