want to install correctly the software for 9700 Pro & HD

Ok, had some problems with installing the 9700 Pro and then the HDTV Wonder TV tuner. The software updates and net framework, and other Windows updates like Media 9 Encoder, screwed up something on my computer so I reformated the whole darn thing and now I have a fresh Windows XP Pro waiting for me to know bombard it with tons of junk. But, I don't want to mess things up again.
What is the procedure, from step one to the last step for installing 9700 Pro video card, software, and then the HDTV Wonder tv tuner card. Being that most of the updated drivers and software are on the ati website, the CD's are only useful for verification on the DVD Decoder. My other question is, do I install the drivers first for the video card and then put the card in my computer or the other way around? What about the HDTV card, what goes first? I want to do this correctly. And, the Net framework that is required, which is best 1.1 version or the beta 2.0? Are known problems with these updates from the Microsoft Windows Update site? What other things will I need from that site? Are these already in my Windows XP Pro now or do I have to go find them myself? How do I know whether or not I have them already on my system?
Thank you so much for the help.
Other info about my computer:
AMD Athlon XP 2600
1.5GB Memory
120GB Second HD
video card is AGP
What more would you need to know?
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  1. One make sure the tuner card is out during xp install. Hopefully you did that.

    This is the order I do drivers:
    Fresh install
    update to sp2 with cd
    download all updates/net 1.1 - install nic driver if needed
    modem/nic/what ever else you need.

    Full reboot after each driver install.

    Also, some motherboards use the same irq for several slots. Check your manual on the motherboard to see if any slots use the same irq as the graphics slot and dont use it for the tuner card.

    net 2.0 is still beta I would avoid it for now.
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