Backward PCI cards?

all my cards are backward. this is can do a problem?
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  1. Yeah, it would be nice if they faced upwards, then those with clear cases would really have something to show off.
  2. im talking about a problem about performance or things like this
  3. What exactly are you talking about????

    They will only fit in the PCI slots one way, which is the correct way....

    Now...what is your question?
  4. No, he means that the backside of the PCI cards' circuit board faces upwards, instead of the component side.

    That's exactly as it should be, it keeps the majority of settling dust just lying on a bare board, instead of clogging up the components. It also keeps the area next to the RAM and the CPU socket free from any intrusions from the first PCI-e slot. Many motherboards are EXTREMELY tight, and on some, you have to remove a video card to get the RAM in or out. Can you imagine how tight it would be if the components (and therefore the cooling system) was sitting on top of the PCI-e slot? You woudn't be able to fit a decent CPU cooler at all.

    The only downside I can see to the current system is that passively cooled graphics cards (like my Gigabyte X800XL) have to have heatpipes to get the heat round to the "top" of the card, in order to effectively radiate heat away. This **does* encroach into the CPU cooling area, but my Thermaltake Sonic Tower passive CPU cooler fits without issue.

    This is a legacy thing, from way back, and it aint gonna change any time soon - not even with the BTX form factor.

    So just get used to it.
  5. Simple Solution...And Im Planning On It..... In My Acrylic Case Im Gonna Reverse My Panels So MY Motheroard Is Also Reversed (Unique In A Acrylic Case
  6. All my PCI and AGP cards are turned back. Nomaly a videocard fan is upside but on mine its back side. I was wondering whats the best...
  7. Quote:
    Simple Solution...And Im Planning On It..... In My Acrylic Case Im Gonna Reverse My Panels So MY Motheroard Is Also Reversed (Unique In A Acrylic Case

    Make sure you incorporate extra cooling then (maybe ductwork?), because in that case, the heat from the CPU is going to rise through your cards and increase their temp, especially your video card.
  8. my MB is nor inversed.
  9. Not Sure what you mean then, can you send a picture?
  10. i dont have any picture but my computer is a tower and all PCI and AGP cards are inversed.
  11. You mean the the components are all on the top of the cards when they are installed?
  12. no i mean like they are backward damnit like gfx card fan is on card. mine is under.
  13. Quote:
    no i mean like they are backward damnit like gfx card fan is on card. mine is under.

    That is how its supposed to be, thats not backwards. Its designed that way to lower dust levels on card components.
  14. oh.. why on computer pictures it show onward?
  15. So you can see what is on the card, and what the card is.
  16. But my friend computer cards in onward and on my old computer too.
  17. OK.

    Without a picture, I can't help you cause I am not really sure what you are talking about. The cards are designed with the board up and the components down. The motherboard would have to be on the other side for them to fit any other way.

    I don't know what you mean by backwards, cause you said the board is on top before.
  18. my PCI and AGP slots are inversed
  19. I just looked up your ASUS P4S8X-X on the internet, and it is the same as every other board I have seen, so I am really not sure what you mean.
  20. is it a good mobo? and i got some picts of my computer. i will post em soon...
  21. Your cards are not backward, and the agp and pci slots are not inversed(position wise).

    You have a perfectly normal motherboard with perfectly oriented expansion cards. Your video card is on top, like it should be, with the pci cards underneath.

    But for your computers sake, go out and buy a can of air and dust that computer out. When you have a clear side, stuff like dust really shows up.

    Don't worry about your computer, your fine.
  22. but i get so MUCH overheat problems. I get more overheat with case on that case off. What dust does?
  23. OMG...first of all yes older PCs did have everything right-side up but that was waaayyy back to the Pentiums and early Pentium II systems. If I recall (could be wrong) AMD K6-II mobos were the first to have 'upside down' slots but maybe i'm wrong. Anyways, yes your system is perfectly fine.

    But geez you may want to do a little compressed air thingie to your pc as it is a frikin dustbowl!

    EDIT: Dust causes overheating, and contrary to popular belief, *most* PCs are cooled more efficiently with the case on, not off. Clean the frikin dust and your overheating problems should go away.
  24. what do u mean?
  25. The key to cooling fan based PCs is air temperature differential and airflow. When you get a layer of dust on your componenets like the one you have, the dust acts like an insulator and increases the temperature of your components.

    Have the case off diverts airflow in and out the side instead of across your components like its designed.
  26. I am not sure whether PCI cards were ever the other way. ISA cards were.
  27. mmm...maybe youre right, heck I dunno anymore...
  28. i clean it every week and its better of i take off the case and play cuz i get no overheat when case open!
  29. Thats fine. you are free not to take our advice. However you should trust that we know what we are talking about.

    No offense, but if you clean it every week and it still looks that dust inside, you aren't doing it right.
  30. im going to buy a can of air but is it dangerous? where i shoot air?
  31. No its not dangerous. you can use air anywhere, just make sure you direct the dust out of the case.
  32. what do you mean by use it in case?
  33. Just spray the can of air anywhere inside the case. The air will not damage your computer in any way. Spray it on all your components and the motherboard, even the power supply. Make sure very little dust in left in your case.
  34. I heard if i clean my fan, it can die.
  35. I am pretty sure you heard wrong. I clean everything in my case quite often and never had a fan go bad from it.

    If I were you, I would question some of the things you hear more often. In your various posts, you have heard a lot of things from your friends or wherever that have been mininformaed or just been wrong.

    My advice is to spend a little more time looking at releable sources on the internet and come to your own conclusions.
  36. If that computer was mine... I wouldn't have bother cleaning it.. instead I would have :twisted: burned itjavascript:emoticon(':twisted:') :twisted:
  37. Can't believe I'm replying to this string, but more so, can't believe that everyone is entertaining this post and trying to help this guy. He's either a total dumb**s or playing games with the kindly forumz folks. C'mon, how much of n00b do you have to be to ask if the pci cards have the components soldered to the "proper" side of the pcb. For goodness sake, get a stupid tool...
  38. I cleaned it wit can of air and it just make a little more noises.
    CPU: 30
    HDD: 31
    TEMP4: 25
    HD: 31
  39. Those temps are all fine. what do they read if you put your case back together.
  40. What do you mean? My case is already open.
  41. Hello,

    I agree perfectly that the dust is causing a lot of your problems. Improve your cable management with the tube cables instead of the flat ribbons). If a new PSU is another option, get a modular or something with good cable management.

    P.S.: The dust inside can be 100x more dangerous than outside air. Can cause long term alergy and breathing related problems (even cancer).

    Can also use anti-static clothes (like the swifter kind for the floors) so you do not end up blowing all the dust around.

    Even I put a vacuum to my case and I don't mean on the components.
  42. Quote:
    What do you mean? My case is already open.

    I was trying to say close the case and see what the temps looks like as well. the cable management suggestion will help, but you need to do something to improve the airflow in your case while it is closed.
  43. oops i mean my case was already closed but recently, i get a error like a hardware error.

    It was blue screen and it was saying: emptying phisical memory...
    and it was saying it was a hardware problem.
    STOP 0x000006b (i think)

    It was while playing a game.
  44. Im not sure, but that sounds like a driver problem to me.

    Either that or your game needs a newer patch if one is available.
  45. my GPU is overheating.
  46. So buy a nex fan to put under it, or a new GPU Heatsink fan
  47. :?:
  48. Sorry, I meant try something like this: VGA Fan.

    I am not reccomending that specific one, just something along those lines.
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