BFG 6800 GT OC bottlenecking my system?

I don't have the fastest rig any more, as my mobo is older, last of the AGP boards(DFI LanPart UT NF3 Ultra-D). You can see the rest of my system in the specs. Here's my problem i just got my 3800X2 to keep my sytem decent for the next year and half until i sell the whole box and start anew. I oced it to 2.5ghz and it ran stable in games for at least an hour(no it didn't crash or anything, i just didn't play any longer). That was my initial stability test. Then I benchie in CSS performance test on all default which is all high with HDR enabled, 1280x1024, 2xaa, 4xaniso. I get 101 fps stock on fw 81.98's and the 8.22(V5) forceware remix chipset drivers with SP2. All cpu and vid clock speeds are stock, then i oced to 2.5 ghz and ran it again, 102.73 fps......102.73 fps? I then proceeded to check with CPU Z to verify it was acutally running at 2.5 ghz and that ram to cpu was 1:1 and HT is on 4x so the HT is not oced at all. This is very strange, i got no performance increase for a 500 mhz cpu oc on a dual core processor, which is acutally sort of like a 1ghz oc(2 cores). Yah the games are optamized for dc yet, but it still makes a little difference. Anyway, does it seem like the BFG 6800 GT OC is the bottle necking factore here? I thought the GT's were still pretty decent cards, i got it the day i came out, about year and half ago. Its not that old and was close to best card out at the time. What else could be causing that? I have to have fast writes disabled because of the 6800/NF3 stuttering glitch, but everything else is set normal.
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  1. The 6800 is still a good card but hardly the best anymore. Your CPU has very little to do with in game performance on most games so yes the GPU is normally the bottleneck and usually the best spot to throw extra money to insure the best bang for the buck. Until the software is written to take advantage of the dual core, an x2 really is not going to help in today's single threaded games.

    100+ fps is fine, I don't know why you would be displeased with any game you could run at much over 40 fps. The bottom line is if the 6800 plays your favorite games you don't need a new card. If it does not than you do. Benchmarks are irrelevant. You can't play a benchmark.
  2. CSS/HL2 is one of those games that doesn't take a major hit either way with fast/slow processors. HL2 is more dependant on the GPU than it is the processor.

    Look at the latest CPU charts on this website and you'll see what I mean.

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