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I have dell desktop inspiron 580, i5, 4 gb ram and 500 gb hard disk and my permanent problem is, inspite of changing hard disk, mother board and ram, the computer freezes at ms logo level and does not ever go further.
Then the ceremonial tapping of F8 and hitting 'start up windows normally' 4/5 times (sometimes more) after a bit of suspense, suddenly it gets into the welcome sign and goes on. How long can I continue like this? My manufacturers are most willing to change the parts under my present warranty, but I do not think that is the permanent solution for this. I have run the 'win 7 recovery media' disk given to me many times to go back to the factory set up, then installed the McAfee, Skype and Adobe flash player which are required for my use as usual that is all.

Then as usual the reminder for dell, java and McAfee updates come up, I click it to give permission that is all. Even after the McAfee download (it is asking for restarting the computer) it never restarts for my click and freezes at the ms logo level, as if it loves the logo very much and is attached to it permanently. Again start tapping F8 and by chance I get the booting just in case. All partitions in my computer are totally empty and in C only it is showing 93.1 gb free out of 117 gb. I have only the preloaded factory set up only. I am even afraid of downloading movie downloading software of Bittorrent although widely recommended.

I am 70 year old, non technical, using my computer for movies online streaming (no downloading), email and skype viewing with my contacts only. I always delete address bars before shutting down, never click sites asking for mail id or pass words.

I read a lot of answers in the website (all subsequent letters/answers are contradicting the prior ones) and nothing seems to effective (some I have tried). The start up booting I think is a universal problem and win 7 64 bit has no breakthrough method for this.If I use the full hard disk like a software professional, would it be different or worse!

With some ray of hope I am writing this letter to you. Please give a new effective solution for me.
R. Lakshminarayanan
Coimbatore, India.
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  1. So you install Windows with no issues. Then start installing the other applications and it no longer boots, correct? Try not doing any updates, don't install any extra software except the base Windows 7 restore. Does it boot OK then? It's pretty simple to narrow down where the issue is. If PC works fine up until you start installing stuff, install things one thing at a time, reboot a few times after that, see when it breaks.

    Don't use McAfee, it's probably one of the worst anti-virus programs. Uninstall it, or never install it. Install Avira Antivir or AVG Free. No clue what you mean about the startup issues being a universal problem, I have installed Win 7 on several dozen computers with no boot issues.
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