Why THG use Asus A8N32 and not DFI LANParty Expert?

Anyone know why THG has been using Asus A8N32 for their testing and not DFI LANPartyUT NF4 SLI-DR Expert ? I haven't seen THG talk much about DFI board. Is it because Asus A8N32 is a better board?
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  1. I see a lot other website like Anandtech.com do some test on the Expert. The only thing bad about this board the GTX card will hit the northbridge fan housing.

    I always thought that THG do test all the high end stuff. I guess the DFI Expert is Ultra High End than and THG is there yet ???. I heard that there will be a newer ver. of Expert board end of Feb.?????
  2. There are a lot people complain about the DFI too only because they take long time get it to work right. The only thing I can say is the DFI Expert is for Expert people. :D
  3. I don't know about Abit. I just sold my Abit mother board (AV8). I has a lot problem with the BIOS. They still work on the BIOS. Everytime a new ver. came out some thing wrong with. I finnaly give up on Abit, and a lot people that I talk to end up sale the board on eBay. So no more Abit.
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