I have recorded 2 TB of movies on 32Bit xp .will they play on my new Win 7 64 Bi

I have recorded 2 TB's of movies on my 32Bit WIN XP computers external drive. Can they be played on my new WIN.7 computer.? thanks
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  1. No reason why they shouldn't. Are you having problems?
  2. I will be home for R&R from afghan. in a week to hook up my new computor and some guys over here said that my movies (external) hard drive might get corrupted being they were down loaded by vista 32 bit OS if i try to play them on a 64 bit OS ?????? just wanted to ask if this was a commom to do ! Thanks for your reply , I will try to it out when i get home !
  3. Ijack said:
    No reason why they shouldn't. Are you having problems?

    Thanks for your reply.. Will give it a try !
  4. Who ever said that must be a mac user (ie they down even know what 32bit means). Yes they will work. The OS that they were created on, downloaded from has nothing to do with playback.

    Please slap your friend.
  5. Thanks for the info ! Im going to slap him hard !!!
  6. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

    watch them with this
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