Mac vs Intel vs AMD for mobile processors??

How do the mobile processors from these three companies compare?? Im looking to buy a new notebook in the next few months and would like something small and portable which has drawn me towards an Ibook or Powerbook. My budget is around $1400 and under and I want a small 12in screen and very lightweight but I also want something reasonably powerful. Ive found a bunch of differant choices within my price range and all with differant CPU's. So basically id like to know how the following compare

Pentium M Centrino 1.73
Centrino Duo 1.67
AMD Turion64 1.6 ML30
Mac G4 mobile 1.5mhz

I will basically be using the system for basic stuff like web browsing, word processing, ripping/burning/encoding music...etc No gaming or anything like that. So keeping that in mind, which of the processors would give me the best performance?? Im thinking the Centrino Duo is gonna be the highest performance since its the only dual core mobile cpu out so far. And the G4 is probably the worst performer. What do you guys/gals think?? Is AMD gonna make a dual core mobile cpu any time soon??
Is Apple gonna make a 12in version of the new Centrino Duo notebooks??
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  1. The mac processor seems to be the worst performer...but who cares? Does it make any difference ripping one cd in one more minute than in the intel based one? If you want stability and the most beatiful laptop money can buy, go for the iBook, then if you want stability and the second most beatiful laptop money can buy go for the Powerbook.! Be elitist at least one time in you life. I've got both pc and mac, and one thing's for sure: Mac rules in computer world!!
  2. Doesn't matter. Apple's switched over to the Intel Duo processors anyways. Was announced yesterday, laptops shoudl begin shipping in February. It's unfortunate that easy dual-booting won't be an option, cause I was so planning on getting one once I start my new job in May. Maybe something will be done about it by then.

    As for my processor preference; AMD for performance on desktops, but Pentium M's in laptops due to their much better power management, and near identical performance.
  3. Even if your a Mac fan, you could buy an X86 laptop, then find the image of OSX(86)...its out there somewhere. Leaked quite a while ago I heard.
  4. Uh, not quite

    While the image is leaked, it's a long process to get it to boot, and even then, lots of components have trouble working afterwards. This is definitly not a recommended option.
  5. For your needs, any of those chips will do.
    When you buy a laptop, it comes as a package. Buy the package that has the most ram, and the fastest hdd.
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