6800GT strange lines

With every single driver up to 81.98 since 61.93 i've had these strange lines in several games (cod2 hl2) - I've got a 754 amd64 3000 and 1 MB of ram and a MSI 6800GT.

See pic for an example of the problem:

I thought it might be the card over heating but ati tool doesnt show any artefacts and it doesnt seem to get over 75degrees when at max load.

Any one else experienced this?

Note the card is brand new almost - my old one (same model) died and was replaced by MSI just before xmas.
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  1. Strange lines?

    Can i just ask where on the picture this lines lye? Is it the piece of text along the top?

    Or the strangeness of the wire fence? This is due to the resolution and the level of detail in the game.

  2. The strange line coming out of the end of the gun and the water hydrant - i have managed to fix it though by forcing 4x agp instead of 8x - its slgihtly slower (max 5%) but no stupid lines
  3. Check for a BIOS update on the card and your motherboard. I run it at 8x AGP on my gigabyte 6800GT and i dont have these problems in CS or HL2!

    You know somehow i didnt see that at all! Too long a day!

  4. Try using the MSI live update to see if there are any updated drivers for your card.
    Are you overclocking the card any??
  5. I've tried the latest msi drivers (76.xx i think) but now on the 81.98s and no problems. The only other time i've seen this exact problem is when someone was using the same biostar k8vha pro motherboard as me - seems slightly too unlikely to be a coincidence. Using the latest bios too for card and mb.
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