ati radeon 9800xt w/ 128bit memory bus?????

can someone explain this to me. i bought an ati radeon 9800xt 256mb ram that has only a 128bit memory bus. does this sound right. all programs i use identify the card as a 9800xt. default speeds are 392 core and 243ddr mem. what gives. the card was new. was there ever a model that was made with only 128bit mem. bus? i only paid $75.00 for it and used a gift cert that i got from my job on amazon. not a huge deal as it is a big step up from a 9600se. just kind of wondering about the specs. overclocked the core to stock 9800xt speeds no problem. the memory only goes to 283 before it artifacts. thanks in advance for any answers to this question.
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  1. That sounds like an 9800SE that basicaly came out to replace the 9600 line of cards. A true 9800xt with 256bit memory bus will probably still run 200-300 if you can find one new. You may want to list the brand name of the card either way however thats not a ture XT
  2. it is made by ATI and the bios reads 9800xt with 256mb of ram. this is from what ati tool told me and the catalyst control panel tells me. the box says ati radeon series game buster. label on the box says 9800xt w/ 256mb ram.
  3. Or sell it on EBAY for a quick profit. 8O
  4. Quote:
    That sounds like an 9800SE that basicaly came out to replace the 9600 line of cards

    The 9800SE was never meant to replace the 9600 series, it was more of a way to get rid of surplus 9800 GPUs that didn't make the cut.

    Either way, if you want to find out iof it's truly a 128-bit bus, just run 3dMark 2003 and tell us your score... if it's 128-bit it'll be just under 4000, if it's 256-bit it'll probably be over 5000.
  5. i used ati tool and it does have 8 active pipelines. did the 9800se have 8 too. i am not using any modded drivers. using ati catalyst 5.13.
  6. Remember, it will display in ATI tool if the cards is 128 or 256. I think its under options-->misc?

    Not to sure. However if it was advertised as a 9800XT..I agree, take it back for a full refund.

    BTW: A 9800XT is no where near $200-300...more like $150-190 at the most.
  7. It wasn't Wusy that made the price comment, but for him in NZ, it probably is $300 for a 9800XT. :P (sorry couldn't resist)
  8. Sorry bud, didnt realize location. Then hells yes its going to be that much.
  9. Is the card green? If it is you have the MSI 9800pro w/R360 core, I have this card and it has 8 pixel pipelines but shows up in the BIOS as a 9800xt because it has the xt's R360 core.
  10. Quote:
    did the 9800se have 8 too

    Yes like mine.

    It's the memory bus on a 9800SE that matters. 128-it is a bad bad baaaahhhd thing.

    Sorry for the double post,

    I'm pretty sure the 9800se was a crippled version of the 9800pro with only 4 pipelines instead of 8. From what I read it was an easy way for ATI to get rid of slightly defective cards.
  11. nope. my card is red.
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