How do I lock down settings modifications on Ipad

Hi All,

Can one of you tell me how its possible to lock down the settings icon/mods for Ipad2. I googled a bit and I dont see how. I got a new ipad and thought I configured all the "Restrictions" app purchases etc, but today when turning on the ipad it asked me for a 4 digit pass code. I didnt set up a screen lock passcode!! Only the restrictions pass code and that was not it. Im 100% sure the code I tried was the only one I set.

After talking to the kid she thinks she did last night but couldnt remember the pass code. Gave me a few possibilties and the thing locked me out (Wait 1minute, now 5, now 15, ......) I restored the Ipad to default. How do I lock this thing down so my kid cant play sys admin. Im new to Mac.

Thank you
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  1. Other than locking the complete device there isn't any way of protecting just the settings, other than not letting kids play with it.
  2. Other than those settings you can lock in the Restrictions area of the General preferences, i dont think you can. not sure 3rd party apps can make changes to the settings.

    here is an enterprise deployment guide if it can be done it should be in here.
  3. So far I have not found a way. Looks like many others have the same problem. Best thing it looks like I can do for now is try and hide the folder within another. Restrictions help but you can still gain access to other things that don't need to be messed with.
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