I OC'd My Graphics Card Now I Get Weird Glitches

I overclocked my card, and i think i may have pushed too hard and, well anyways i uninstalled the drivers and pulled the card out and everything, and it still has the same rendering problems on my games..any suggestions? Someone said something about Artifacts, what r those?
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  1. they look like litttle X'es i dont know how to fix it
  2. i understand but i pulled the card out and everyhting,so im definitely gonna have to reinstall windows?
  3. Reinstall windows every 6 months? That's crazy talk.

    Get a GHOST type of program. With that you build the perfectly optomized install of windows and even any programs you want, get all your drivers and everything installed just right and then use Norton Ghost or some other similar program that takes a snapshot of your hard drive and stores it on a different drive or DVD.

    Then all you have to do when you want to clear your system and reset back to perfection is restore that image you have saved somewhere. it only takes like 10 minutes to restore and your computer is back to perfection.

    So after surfing porn and hunting for warez serial numbers and your system is loaded up with crap spyware and such you just image your puter back.

    ...and of course keep your importatnt files on another drive so they don't get overwritten. I couldn't live without it. Best thing since sliced bread.
  4. You used to get this in the early days of ATI. It was because of dodgy memory on the GFX card. I would say that you pushed ur card too much and the memory on the card is now damaged.
  5. I did the same thing to a 6800 GT about a year ago when I overclocked it above 1.2GHz for the memory. Sucks, you have to be more careful with them. Installing Windows again will not fix anything.
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