I'm newbie and wants to build a computer for gaming

Hi, I'm new to bulding a computer but read a lot of topics here but still not sure what is the best computer to be use for games (80%). I have around $500 budget for everything but I could use some of my old PC peripheral.
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  1. Hi welcome to the DIY community! I think you should focus on 5 parts: Mainboard, CPU, memory, HDD and GPU. If you can you use your existing keyboard, mouse, speakers, case and Power Supply you should be able to save a few bucks. Check the wattage on the Power supply to confirm that it's 300W or more, and if so that's good. I would definitely recommend an AMD processor, and for GPU maybe a Geforce 6600. Don't buy any GPUs that use "turbocache" or any variation of that. You want at least 512 MB of memory, 1024 would be better if you can afford it. Don't get off-brand memory if you can avoid it; name brand memory makers have "value" lines that are inexpensive and much more reliable. Finally, get a 120 GB or so hard drive. If you can get a HDD with 7200 RPM that would be good. I would recommend you try http:www.pricewatch.com for decent prices.
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