Your opinions on the HIS Excalibur ATI Radeon X800 XL

Hi, my 9800 pro went bust so I'm looking to invest in a new AGP card iv come across the HIS Excalibur ATI Radeon X800 XL ICEQII 256MB DDR3 for £175 and I was wondering if you think this would be worthy of investment, or if not what are the alternatives?
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  1. I have a HiS X1800XT and is sweet. Easily runs 700mhz core 1600mhz mem stock.
  2. The HIS IceQ's are worth a few more bucks IMO. I'd take that over any othe X800XL. It's a good deal unless you can get a GF6800U, X800XT, or X850XT for close to the same price.
  3. I've got a x8000 xl AIW that is good for about 5000 3dMarks (2005). The HIS version should be even faster, making it a pretty good choice. Of course the XT would be even better. Were you looking at the OCed "turbo" or the regular version?
  4. I can't find that in AGP. NewEgg only aells PCI-e. Best Buy has it for $249 in PCI-e. But it's a BBA not HIS.
  5. Yeah, they are rare here. Are you back using a Ti4200 again? Why haven't you jumped on a $200-250 X850XT?
  6. HIS makes nice cards there worth a lil more also imho
  7. Even these guys are out of stock at $345, and they seem to have the most HIS availability in the USA. I remember how many times I almost ordered a X800XTpe from them, back when knowbody else had them.
  8. no matter how long you dissappear, you can count on a few things around here. One of which is HB will be using a Ti4200 and wanting a HIS upgrade. :P
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