Problems with raid 1+0. Slows down after a while.


I'm using this computer:

DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR Bios 6/23/05
AMD Opteron 144
Thermaltake Big Typhoon
4x Twinmos Pc3200 @ 228mhz
Sapphire Radeon X1300 256mb PCI-E x16
WD Raptor 74gb running OS
IBM SATA-2 250gb raid 1+0 on the silicon controller
Fortron Source Epsilon 600W, Blue Light
Antec P180
Windows XP Proff Sp2

I'm having problem with the raid 1+0 setup, i set it up in bios and formatted the array when i got into windows. Everything worked out great. Used the optimal setting in the controller bios which is 64k strip size. And used the "standard" cluster size in ntfs format.

I benchedmarked the array and got about 90-95mb/s average transfer rate which is good enough for me. I copied over about 300 gigs of data i had on an external drive. I used the array for a couple of days, installed dc++ and downloaded a bunch of stuff.

Everything seemd fined but a couple of days ago the array slowed down really bad. Now i get about 25mb/s avg transfer speed which is way to low and sometimes as lo as 5-6 and 2-3mb/s
So i did test in windows on the array, came out fine.

Then i went into the raid bios deleted the array and recreated it, formated the drives suddenly i'm up to 90-95mb/s average again.

I copied all the stuff back from the external drive. Everythin went fine. then i installed dc++ and downloaded about 100gigs in 2-3 days. And tonight it started to slow down really bad again?

Anyone got any ideas or thoughts
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  1. Quote:
    A very strange problem indeed.

    Sounds like DC++ is doing something I don't know.
    Maybe setting strip size to 32k might help since P2P stuff normally come in tiny fragments.

    There are lots of weird stuff going on with HDD and P2P recently.

    I will put in an extra disk an copy the dc stuff there and rebuild the array and test it.

    The raid array should have reported errors with a disk right?
  2. Could it be fragmentations slowing tranfers? Run Executive Diskeeper, they have a trail version if you do not have it and see if helps next time...
  3. Could that really be the problem, i've been running the array for only a couple of days.
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