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Question about AMD dual core

Last response: in CPUs
January 12, 2006 2:07:56 AM

I was wondering which dual core I should get. I am willing to spend between 300-350 on one, I am also not going to purchase one until later this year, may/june probably. Now I noticed that the Cache on the processors are different. The X2 3800 and 4200 had 128+128 L1 and 2x512 L2 while the 4400 and 4800 had 256+256 and 2x1Mb. Now I was wondering 1) Is this difference big enough to make it so that I should buy a more exspensive CPU? 2) How does this affect overclocking. I was hoping to buy the 3800 and getting up to 2.4, nothing major just to get more bang for my buck?

P.S I wont be doing anything extreme. I will be using this to record television, burn DVD's, musc, play games, perhapes later on use some financial software for investing......Though my brother does computer graphics and I might fool around with that a little bit, but I dont need to do that.

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January 12, 2006 2:48:10 AM

Wusy would be right, if you were to get a chip today. In may or june, those opterons may be a little harder to find.
Fortunately, prices should come down a bit between now and then.
First try to get the best dual core opteron (s939 version) , but if not available, get the fastest X2 that you can.
By june, you may be getting close to the release time of socket AM2. That may be worth waiting for, though mostly just for the drop in s939 chip prices.
Four to six months is a long time in the computer industry. Now is a good time to start looking, and learning, but a bad time to make decissions about what to purchase. (it's too soon)