HD brand recommendations?

I might need to get a new hard disk soon (see my other post!), and was wondering what brands are good these days (I had a bad experience with an IBM Deathstar before...)

I've always been happy with Seagates in the past, but I note that Maxtor are cheaper and WD seem to be a bit quicker.

Any recomendations? I'll probably be going for IDE, since SATA seems to have more hassles than it's worth (I won't using RAID so the performace difference will be neglible).
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  1. If your board supports SATA and ur buying drives, get SATA...
    Less hassles and conflicts plus in a few years only low end boards will support legacy ide drives...
  2. WD drives are very inexpensive also..
  3. Nothing wrong with Seagates Baracuda drives and I Dont run anything but WD drives. Stay away from Maxtor seen a couple that after 6 months go clunk clunk.
  4. Maxtor, WD and Seagate make good quality fast drives...
    Application, preference and cost are more the deciding factors.
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