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While I'm still trying to get my new build (first) to POST, there is one other issue I've noticed. Upon powering up, my fans, including the CPU fan, spin. However, the rear 120 of my TT Tsunami case will not do so without my giving it a little nudge. I thought that I'd seen a post on that exact topic before but can't seem to find it now. Anyone have any insight?

Thanks very much for all the help so far.

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  1. Sooo.... you have to push the fan blade to make it spin up?

    Sounds like the fan is bad... are you using the 4 pin molex connector?

    I have the same case/fan and mine works fine...

  2. Yup... a little nudge and both the front and rear 120s spin right up. Are you using the "Fan Only" MOLEXs or other, peripheral MOLEX plugs? Mine are currently attached to the fan only plugs... thought that might be the issue.
  3. Usually when you see that it is a current issue. The fans take more force to start moving than to keep spinning, and ususally the bigger the fan, the more force (and hence more current) needed.

    Do you have more than one fan chained together on a single connector?

    Try a different connector and see if that helps. As mpjesse said, it could also be a bad fan.
  4. I thought that could be an issue, especially since both fans are 120s. The case offers a "Fan Only" power line with 3 MOLEX plugs to which I have the aforementioned 2 120s and a third 80 on the side. Tonight I'll try connecting at least one of the large fans to another line. Thanks for the idea. It would be nice to have some small success in getting this system running!
  5. Fans are spinning just fine now... The 120s had to be connected to regular MOLEX plugs from teh power supply, like you said. The side 80 runs just fine from the "Fan Only" MOLEX. Supposedly up to 3 fans could be connected to this chain... shame to waste all those plugs.

    Thanks guys!
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