MY 9800 pro is broke i think HELP PLEASE


now for some reason the PC just chrased, the moniter switched off and when i reboot the moniter says "no input signal"

i have a 9800 pro 128mb and the moniter does work on other PC's

I checked the connection, it seems it was not 100% pushed in, so i reinserted propperly but it still does not work.

The fan on the card work but noting happens on moniter.

is there anyting i can do?
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More about 9800 broke please
  1. Ouch... it could be any number of things (bad video card, cpu, motherboard, etc). Do you get any beep codes from the motherboard when you turn it on? Also, does it sound like the system is booting into Windows?

    If you get beep codes, come back in here and tell us exactly what they sound like.

  2. You are already doing a good job troubleshooting by checking the monitor on another computer. We know the monitor is good. You might as well check the cable the same way.

    Unfortunately you may have and even worse problem than you video card. Can you swap video cards with another computer? If so you can determine if the card is good just like you already did with the monitor.

    Do you have a modem and did it just storm? If so you might have got lightning hit and your modem might be dead and it might be taking the rest of the system with it. If you determine your video card is fine you will need to look deeper. If your unplug everything that you don't need (like modems, soundcards, floppys, hard drives etc) and see if you can at least get a bios boot screen to show on the monitor.

    Can you swap ram and or CPU's with a friend and see if they are good? Keep in mind you may end up burning up 2 systems so you are taking a chance. I've had pretty good luck with bad parts keeping local and not cascading and burning up other parts but is always a possibility.

    Does anything look burnt or blowed up?

    Good luck!
  3. kk i have tested with a different wire, no difference, it sounds like it boots into windoes, No beebs.

    also it was fine for a very very long time, it just happed out of no were.

    ill try a new video card tomorrow.

    Its an old second hand 9800 pro that has been overclooked a bit sometimes.

    Also the fan on the card works but ko moniter.

    also the PSU i use is a cheapo Case com 1. Maybe it messed it up.
  4. Power supply.... me five bucks..
  5. lol it was the card, im om the PC at the moment with a RIVA TNT M64 card lol.

    Can the 9800- pro be revived any way at all or is it totally gone?
  6. Not knowing your system.
    Is the 9800pro and AGP or PCI-e?
    Is the rivatnt an AGP or pci?
    If they are plugged into different slots this will narrow the problem down to the port being bad or the video card being bad.

    You should contact the manufacture of the card and try and RMA if bad.
  7. I had the same problem, although it turned out to be the Motherboard....not the 9800...
  8. both in the AGP slot
  9. This happerned to me a few days ago and after some testing i found out it was the card, pitty i modded it so i lost my waranty :(
  10. anyway it can be repaired?
  11. Quote:
    lol it was the card, im om the PC at the moment with a RIVA TNT M64 card lol.

    Can the 9800- pro be revived any way at all or is it totally gone?

    GW could still be right. The 9800 pro draws more power and needs a molex connector. Of course, the 9800 pro may just have needed to be reseated in the slot again. Did you try that?

    Stick in the 9800 pro and use a known working molex connector. if still have problems, try it in another system before discarding it.
  12. I had the same situation and it turned out that the +5V input had destroyed one of the traces on the board itself. Look very carefully at where the aux. power input plugs into the board.

    I was able to fix the issue by soldering a new wire from the input to where it terminates on the board. From what I was reading on the net when it happened it seems to be a common issue especially with ATI made boards.
  13. Maybee some one can tell you how long the warranty is on an ATI board.
    I would try RMA with ATI if still warrantied.
  14. i have tried 2 different power connectors, and have inserted and reinserted a numbe of times. How would i know if mine is still under warrenty?
  15. Retail Built BY ATI 9800 pros have a 3 year warranty. You can check online by serial number to see if it's in warranty. Many other powered by ATI brands only have a 1 year warranty. You'll have to find the website on the box, or just google it.
  16. my one is built buy ATI, how can i find the serial number
  17. If your card was made by ATI then you could have a three year waranty on that puppy. Go here to see if they will give you waranty service. The process is very easy. I've done it twice for my ATI AIW 9700 Pro. When you get your RMA number you'll have to mail your card to them at your expense. They'll take about a week to "fix" your card and then they'll overnight a reconditioned card back to you. :)
  18. where can i find the serial number
  19. does putting on a different fan void the warrenty, will they know if i take the extra heat sinks off and oput the originakl fan on?
  20. "does putting on a different fan void the warrenty, will they know if i take the extra heat sinks off and oput the originakl fan on?"

    Can't hurt to try!
  21. Probably not, but if you've glued some RAMSinks on be very careful when you remove them - I've seen a picture of how someone managed to pull off a RAM chip with the heatsink 8O
  22. ok, thanks for the advice, ill try to get it repaed on warrenty thanks
  23. Built by ATI 9800 pro should have 3 year warrenty. i would put old heat sink and fan on and try to RMA it.
  24. ok,. i have sent te request, time to pray lol
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