Any word on price difference betwen socket 939 and am2

I was woundering if anyone hes seen an estimate for the price difference between soclet am2 and 939. I was just about to go out and blow $1800 on a new system and wanted to know if i should wait. At the moment im thinking its not worth the wait, any opinions?
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  1. No one has pricing on M2 (undoubtedly it'll be more expensive than 939 initially). You're going to have to wait at least a month or two.

  2. im considering waiting im in no rush, just curious if anyone even heard even a whisper of the open cost, guess ill have to wait
  3. I'm also in the whole "Buy 939 or wait for AM2" gang as well. I'll probaly wait till the AM2 comes out that way I can just save the money now to get it six months after it's release. Yeah, being broke makes it hard to be a big geek and have the newest hardware.
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