X700 128mb or X700 256mb? which one shall i get

Hi i am browsing the net for a new card, iv been advised that the 6600gt is g=bees nid ranged card but it is slightly out of budgt.

ATI's mid rage product the X700 is at least 20£ cheeper so i was thinking to buy it.


However when i looked for prices ect i found 2 different verion for almost same price.

1. X700 128mb £69
2. X700 256mb £75

what is the difference? And is the X700 a good card?
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  1. Quote:

    1. X700 128mb £69
    2. X700 256mb £75

    what is the difference? And is the X700 a good card?

    X700 is an OK card and will play all the latest games (sometimes needing low settings though).

    I doubt the 256MB will make much difference (5-10% at best in RARE occasions). I Would say it's likely not worth the £6 extra, get an old game like UT2K4 or FartCry with the difference instead (not sure if your prices are as good in the UK for old games).
  2. iz 6600gt worth the extra 20£
  3. Yeah, it's probably worth the extra 20...
  4. Yeah agreed $20 extra to go from plain X700 to GF6600GT definitely worth it.
  5. You definitely won't notice the diff between 128 and 256 on a X700. The X700 is roughly equivalent to a non-GT 6600 but not quite. If you can float the extra money there is no better price/performance ratio than the 6600GT.

  6. i have the ati x700pro 256 meg... it was on sale in compusa for 129 us, duno waht that is in euros but thats a very god price... id recommend it, i duno what he means by some games need to be run on low, i can run fear on medium/high settings (no softshadows) with a smooth framerate... at 1024 res... fear is argurably one of the most demanding games for graphics cards atm... things will change very quickly though, when the new elder scrolls comes out a x700pro may not be enough power to run that game on even medium, but.. the bottom line is if you can afford to drop the extra cash on the 256mb x700(get the pro) then do that, and if you can stand to spend a lil more get a 6600gt... if not then the x700 128 mb is an ok deal... duno how well it will run games.. prob all medium settings at 800x600
  7. hmmm, so its either the x700 pro 256 or 6600GT ill chek the uk prices
  8. By far the 6600GT is the better option.

    IMHO, take your time, save some cash and pick up the 256mb 6600GT.
  9. id agree that the 6600 is better but if he likes ati more for some reason or just cant spend the extra 30 or 40 bux on it then the x700pro 256 mb is a very good choice, like i said mine was 129 and was worth every peny to me.. if u can afford the 150+ for a 6600gt on agp then by all means get that over any x700 series
  10. how come AGP is still cheaper, isent PCI-E new so should be more expensive?
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