Just Built my first PC. "Opinions Wanted"

Mobo - Asus A8N-SLI
Cpu - Amd 3700+
Sound Card - Xfi XtremeMusic
Video Card - (2) xfx 6600 xxx edition
Ram - 1GByte Corsair Twinx
DVD Rom - BenQ 1650v
DVD RW - BenQ 1655
Floppy - Mitsumi 7in1
Hard Drive - Maxtor DiamondMax 10 250gb
Case - CoolerMaster Centurion 5
Power Supply - Ultra Xfinity 500watt

All opinions welcomed.....
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  1. First, you haven't told us what its going to be used for. I'm assuming gaming since you got SLI and 2 video cards. Will you be overclocking?

    Why 2 6600's in SLI? That will cost you almost as much (or more) as a single 7800GT, and 6600's are much slower, even in SLI...

    Get a single better video card - SLI doesn't really give you improvements until you're up in the 7800GT area because you can get the next level of performance for the same or lower cost as 2 lower level ones.

    If your budget is tight you can afford to lose a little CPU - 3500 or even 3200 and still keep a good gaming experience with a higher end video card. Or if you do go single card, maybe drop to an Ultra (non-SLI) mobo.

  2. The 2 6600's were given to me. I got the Sli for the future when i get better video cards. i will be using the computer for music,videos,pictures, and sometimes gaming. .edit. Before i oc i want to read more about it on the internet.
  3. Say what you want to know. Don't just say opinions wanted.
  4. i want to know if it sounds like a good system. Also what i did wrong and or right for example i got two low end gfx cards instead of 1 good one.
  5. Alright.

    Which a8n board?

    again, the 6600's are obsolete if you're into gaming

    psu okay, i woulda gotten enermax/antec/fortron

    should get 2x1gb insteadm twinx/xms is fine.

    fishmahn is somewhat right about dropping the cpu if need be, although i would also drop the extra dvd-rom drive. i highly suggest not doing optical->optical direct burns, ever. in regards to the cpu, 3700+ is like $50 more than the 3200+ Venice (CG/newer revision, which sells for like $175 on Newegg, not the $160 version). I'm not sure if you really need the extra l2 cache, considering you're probably gaming and the controller on these chips are incredible.
  6. thanks for the info.
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