Best RAM for overclocking

I was just wondering what the best RAM was for overclocking, since tweaking with all the stuff on the BIOS will affect how RAM run.
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  1. AMD or Intel CPU?

    There is no one-size-fits-all "best memory for overclocking," although OCZ is probably close :)
  2. No such thing really, if you want ram that wont limit your overclocking with ram in sync get ram rated at a higher speed then defaults, eg get DDR550 instead of DDR400, buy yes OCZ allows higher vcore and speeds usually.
  3. AMD. Just for an example, an )pteron 165 or Athlon X2 3800 trying to OC to 2.4 Ghz.
  4. The bios will have some ram ratios to drop the ram speeds when overclocking (and pushing ram with it) but to stay in sync with the high speeds rather then lowering ram ratios (or just increasing ram bandwidth), buy ram rated for higher speeds (try for some DDR500 or better, branded) to give sufficent head room.
  5. G-skill Ripjaw X! Value for money and performance
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