Some games are choppy

I've got this little big problem that drives me nuts. When I play games like Half Life 2, Far Cry or LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth, every 20 seconds or so, the entire game pauses for about 1-2 seconds then resumes. Otherwise it's extremely smooth. I have the latest ATI drivers. It happens whether I have anti-aliasing enabled or not. What else could be the cause? Any specific settings I have to set for my video card?
Here are my computer specs:

CPU - P4 3.0E Prescott
MoBo - Asus P4S800
Memory - 512MB DDR PC3200 Micron Technology
Video - 128MB DDR ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro
HD - 120GB+80GB
PSU - Aspire Clear-Top Dual-Fan 500W
CD-RW - 52x24x52
DVD-RW - BenQ 16x DL
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  1. if you have vsync and fastwrite turned on... turn them off.

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  2. You need more RAM stat. Put another 512mb module in there. The pauses are probably caused by your comp running out of ram and starting to use swap space on your hard drive.

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  3. Check out SiSoft Sandra, see if all of your parts (especially ram) check out.

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  4. I appreciate the suggestions... I will try those.
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