Performance Improvements?

How much more performance do you guys think i could get out of this PC

compared to mine

800 mhz 100 fsb intel processor
256 mb of memory
20 gig harddrive
Really old Ati graphics card can't tell you witch one because i don't know how to find out

I would put my old graphics card in the new computer. I'm only considering this because i can not buy the moniter and get a 75$ rebate if i switch to the dsl they offer
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  1. It won't help you type any faster. While the ma bell internet may help internet load faster, it is expensive.
    Changing graphics cards may not be recommended, with Dell's xp home.
  2. Well sry i was in a rush i should have been more specific, i like to play games like diablo 2, age of empires 2 and things like that nothing really graphically intensive...

    Altho i would like to play Serious Sam 1 and the second encounter? also if my graphics card doesn't work i could buy a compatible one?...

    Why would you advise aginst switching my card into the dell?
  3. If your graphics card is ATI Radeon, then current system should play Serious Sam 1st and 2nd encounter.

    Go to "Display Properties"->"Settings" to find out which graphics card you have.
  4. you should also consider waiting until socket M2 comes out for the new semprons, although dell doesnt support AMD they may have better performance than current celerons... just a suggestion :).. thats not till summero f this year though, also it will be more expensive... and last but not least if you get a dell you may be able to get away wtih buying some ati card for an open pci (NOT pci-express) slot so that you can get better gaming perforamance, it will be much better but by no means top of the line..
  5. How about this one for the same $499 price but its a P4 processor instead of the Celeron. Ive never been a fan of the Celeron. Is your current system a P3 or Celeron?? You could upgrade ur current system with another 256megs or ram for a total of 512megs and add a faster 7200rpm hard drive which will give you significantly better performance for only around $100 or so.
  6. thats a pretty good deal, but once again if he wants to do any sort of gaming intergrated probably wont do much better than his old comp... so my advise is buy that and since it wont have an agp or pci express slot you should buy a 9600or somthing for PCI and that will run the games u meantioned maxed out not that itll look that much better anyways :) but it wont have framelag, a 9600 PCI is prob around 70 bux on newegg... havnt bothered to check though
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