Memory/Motherboard timings and slot problems

hey- im not new to the whole pc building thing, but i need some quick advice. So, I just bought this new pc for myself, heres the specs:

AMD athlon 64 3500 Venice S939
Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe
XFX 7800GT Xtreme Edition
1GB (2x512mb) Corsair XMS TwinX1024-3200C2
Rosewill RP500S-2MK 500W Modular PSU
250GB Western Digital SE SATA2
Lite-On DVD Burner

Anyway, the first time I installed the motherboard into the case (Sunbeam Acrylic case) the memory worked fine in the dual channel slots it was supposed to (slots 1 and 3). It detected dual channel with the timings it was supposed to come with 2-3-3-6 at 200mhz each. Then i had to remove all the parts and remount the motherboard and everything because this case is kinda weird and you have to do that to put in a cd drive. The next time I started it up after spending 2 hours making it look all nice and stuff, the monitor wouldnt detect the signal. So I tested each part and found out that if i replaced my memory with some corsair valueram it works fine, but this stuff only works if its not in dual channel configuration (meaning either slots 1 and 2, or 3 and 4). Seeing as it worked before, this is weird. I opened CPU-Z and it says that I have 1024mb of ram but its not in dual channel, it also detects that im running them in slots 2 and 4 with bad timings (2.5-3-3-7, which can be fixed in bios but im not sure what to put the trc or idle time at.

Is this a bios problem like I think it is? If so, is there any way to update bios without a floppy drive? That would make my life sooo much easier at the current moment. Thanks for the help
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  1. Try this: 1.) Reset BIOS with the system unplugged 2.) Install 1 module into the first DIMM slot 3.) Boot, go into BIOS, and set the memory voltage (vDIMM) to 2.9v 4.) Save BIOS, turn the system off, and put the other module in slot 3.
  2. My MB is also an NF4, but an MSI variant, and the only valid dual channel configs with just two sticks of mem at PC3200 speeds were:

    1 (green) and 2 (purple) filled


    3 (green) and 4 (purple) filled

    Are you sure having mem in SLots 1 and 2 are approved/recommended for dual channel operation?
  3. no it doesnt show up as being in dual channel. it says that there is two sticks but runs as if there is one under single channel. i fixed it somehow, i think by changing the CAS latency to 2 fixed it, but im not sure. i just put it in slots 1 and 3 like its supposed to be in and it worked all the sudden.
  4. The specifications for that RAM require you set the voltage higher in BIOS to assure stability at its rated latency.

    Of course if you don't care about those kinds of things, you should have bought cheaper RAM.
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